RDS 2012: How to login to RDWeb page without typing Domain Name?

Anand, the Architect

Logon to RDWeb site with just username and password, saves time and confusion for the users. We can make user to bypass typing Domain Name with few easy steps.

There is two steps I did. One add “DomainName” by script and second steps to change the text from “Domain NameUser name:” to just “User name:” in logon page.

To do the first step, follow the instructions below.

For Windows 2012 R2:

1. Remote Desktop to your RD Web Access Server.

2. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:WindowsWebRDWebPages. Backup webscripts-domain.js file.

3. Open Notepad as (run as) Administrator. Open C:WindowsWebRDWebPageswebscripts-domain.js

4. Find strDomainName variable text. It looks like this:

var strDomainName = “”;

5. Modify the above text with your NetBIOS domain name like below: (CONTOSO is my example domain, replace it with yours).

var strDomainName = “CONTOSO”;

6. Save the file and close the Notepad.

For Windows…

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