Why Imara Daima is the worst estate to stay in


The Deal

Imara Daima has the most violent mosquitoes in Kenya and Rongai. If they were human beings, and Kenyans for that matter, they will be Gor Mahia fans, just after a fair defeat by AFC Leopards. They are noisy. They are quarrelsome. They are physically strong. They can tear your mosquito net and before you know it, they are having their open market day on your crotch. And who told the mosquitoes that the ear is an erogenous spot? Must they make that fatal dance around it, arousing you from your slumber?

In my bedroom, they have a street bash every Monday and Thursday as from 2 am to 7 am. The drink me with impunity. I know this because the following day when I wake up with dreadful vengeance and reach out to burst them, they splash all blood on me. A ‘hangovad’ mosquito can be carelessly lazy.

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