what an event

“I criticize the government a lot. But today I would like to criticize the opposition. Kenya’s opposition seems not to know what their role is. The work of the opposition apart from opposing everything the government does is to offer alternative leadership. what alternative leadership has CORD offered? Are CORD counties performing better than Jubilee Counties as far as governance is concerned? Has CORD brought any new bills to parliament that seek to change the life of mwananchi, or do they simply wait to oppose government sponsored bills? Has CORD really been proactive in anticipating and solving Kenya’s plight or have they simply been waiting to criticize and put the country in an election mood. What is CORD’s track record as the opposition? And also; clowns like peter Kenneth, Martha Karua et al wanted our mandate; and when they lost they simply disappeared into oblivion instead of doing opposition work? Will they now resurface in 2017 and convince us that they want the big sit yet they cannot even hold the government accountable nor provide alternative leadership? As much as the government is ineffectual, sadly so is the opposition…” Thomas Milongo

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