That elusive job

I still can’t for the life of me figure out how people secure jobs. I’m still debating whether this is by choice, coincidence or just old fashioned bad luck on my end.

I know my field and I believe I am quite knowledgeable in matters considered IT but still, lady luck will not let me catch a glimpse of her smile. Come on girl it’s been 10 months already, these bills wont pay themselves you know!

Hour by hour applications sent, these hours turn into days, these days into weeks, the weeks into months and the months shall eventually morph into years but still no correspondence comes forth from the targeted company/ companies. I am beginning to think these jobs are either fictitious  or I have no “big fish” looking out for little young me. Either way even an email titled “We Are Sorry but you weren’t shortlisted” would suffice and give me some satisfaction that my application was received, read and rejected.

Either way I must trudge on carrying my jobless weight around my neck ignoring the bemusement caused by these “Job Vacancy” positions.


Maybe I should seek intervention from an unseen deity.


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